• Supply List

    All students will need to bring these items:

    -2 Pocket Folder without prongs (one for homework and one for in their desk)Image result for 2 pocket folders walmart

        Image result for white board         Image result for cheap headphones               Image result for pencil pouch                Image result for pencils            Image result for scissors         

         -White Board              -Headphones              -Pencil Pouch              -Pencils                -Scissors 

     Image result for glue stick                Image result for highlighters                 Image result for black expo markers                         Image result for crayola crayons       

     -Glue Sticks              -Highlighters                -Black Expo Markers            -Crayola Crayons

    It is VERY important that you send a pencil pouch with you child to keep at school.  This is the best way to keep their supplies organized. It also might be a good idea to have a second pencil pouch and supplies at home for homework and projects.  I prefer a pouch rather than a box because it is not as loud and distracting in class when students need to remove supplies and it is less likely to spill.

    There also are some other supplies we could use in our classroom throughout the year if you would like to make a donation.  We could use:

         Image result for glue stick        Image result for kleenex tissue                       Image result for hand sanitizer                                

    -Glue Sticks               -Kleenex                        -Hand Sanitizer   

    Image result for treasure box prizes for classroom    

    -Prizes for our Treasure Box (small toys, school supplies, etc.)