Home Practice 

    Our First Grade Newsletter (Home Practice) goes home on Thursday.  Once our initial review is completed, it will include the unit theme and number, vocabulary, spelling words, and high-frequency (sight) words.  On the back, is a passage that your child should practice daily to promote fluency.  This is a good resource to keep and review throughout the year.

    Daily math lessons will be completed in class.  Optional math homework will be sent home and/or students could practice adding and subtracting items around the house and be able to count to 120.

    Once we have mastered logging into our computers, daily slides will be available in Google Classroom for extra practice.

    Weekly spelling, language arts, and/or math assessments are scheduled every Wednesday.  Students who are absent that day are excused.  Graded work will be stapled to the weekly newletter on Thursday for all to review.