Dress Code

  • The purpose of the dress code is to help generate a positive learning environment for all students.   The Education Code stipulates that a student's dress should not interfere with the educa­tional process, or that it should not provide a safety hazard. In accor­dance with this legal section, we ask that students adhere to the follow­ing:

    • No items, which cause reactions by students that disrupt orderly conduct in the class and prevent the teacher from instructional activities.
    • No items or style that advocates or denotes gang affiliation.
    • Shoes must be worn at all times. Shoes must be securely attached to the heel of the student. Due to safety concerns, flip-flop type and open toed shoes are not allowed.
    • Excessively oversized shirts, including oversized t-shirts, worn outside pants are not allowed.
    • Shirt length cannot extend beyond the tips of fingers when student is standing with arms hanging down.
    • No baggy pants - must wear pants within two sizes of waist measurement and must be worn at the waistline. Underwear must not be exposed if shirt is lifted.
    • Overalls must be worn with both straps on the shoulders as designed---not hanging loose.
    • No clothing resembling pajamas, lounge pants, or underwear, etc.
    • Excessively revealing clothing is unacceptable. This includes:
      • Clothing that is extremely tight fitting.
      • Mini-skirts, backless halter-tops or dresses, tube tops, tank tops (3 finger width strap is okay) or muscle shirts cut low at armpits or neckline.
      • Clothing that shows a bare midriff. When a student’s arms are raised, no midriff is to be shown.
      • Shorts shorter than mid-thigh. The bottom of the shorts should be at or past the fingertips when the student is standing with arms hanging down.
      • Clothing that is transparent or revealing
      • Any clothing that does not conceal undergarments, including straps.
    • Headgear: Caps or hoods may be worn only outside. Caps must be worn facing forward. Words or pictures that are not appropriate may not appear on the cap. Bandanas, doo rags, sweatbands, and headbands are not allowed.
    • Words or pictures that are not ap­propri­ate for the school environ­ment may not appear on cloth­ing such as obscenities, sexually suggestive, sym­bols representing alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or racial, sexist references etc.).
    • Belts need to be an appropriate length and not hang down from the waist.
    • Dangerous attire: No chains attached to clothing or items with spikes or studs.
    • Cosmetics to the face and hair that distract from the educational process such as spray painted hair, extreme painting of the face, glitter, extreme hairdos, etc., are unacceptable except on appropriate days declared by the administration.

    The Board and administration reserve the right to declare any mode of dress or appearance that in their estimation inhibits the educational process or threatens the safety and protection of all students as unacceptable.   Final determination of acceptable dress will be made by the school administration.

    If students are dressed in an unacceptable manner, parents will be notified and corrective measures must be taken before the student will be allowed to return to class. Parents may be required to pick up a student from school or bring appropriate clothes to school as requested by the administration. A student who continues to violate the dress code may be suspended on the grounds of defiance to authority.

    It is not our purpose to prescribe specific dress for your students.   We are concerned, however, that our best instruction can occur when there is little distrac­tion. We have tried to set a dress code that will accomplish this end, and yet pro­vide parents with flexible guidelines. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    Marking children's clothing is an aid to you. Many articles of clothing are lost or remain unclaimed for lack of identification. Lost cloth­ing and other articles are kept in a specific location for a short time.   The school and/or school personnel are not responsible for lost items.