• Hello & Welcome to the Lakeside Union School District, Mr. Bryson

    The Lakeside Union School District has an outstanding reputation for educational excellence and I feel blessed to lead an organization that approaches its work with such outstanding enthusiasm and commitment to children. It is a privilege for me to serve this community and I look forward to working with the team of dedicated board members, talented teachers, committed support staff, outstanding administrators, involved families, and supportive community members, all working as partners to strengthen the tradition of “Excellence in Education” that has long been established in the Lakeside community. 

    After more than 20 years working as an educator in Kern County, I have come to understand that each day in our schools, it is the future that sits in the desks of our classrooms. As educators, it is our duty to help realize the potential of that future. Here in Lakeside, we will hold tightly to this understanding, and to the responsibility that accompanies it. We are committed to providing our students a challenging curriculum, skilled instruction, and a learning environment that responds to individual student academic and developmental needs.

    Our work in Lakeside will always be guided by sound research based instruction and the belief that each student is capable of attaining high levels of academic achievement in preparation for meeting the rigorous demands of the twenty-first century. Our work as educators, is all about unlocking the unlimited potential in our young people and helping them to develop their own unique learning styles and interests to make them successful. We are tasked with the responsibility of inspiring and equipping tomorrow’s inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists and leaders. If we do that job effectively, then in the future, we will share the world with better employees, bigger thinkers, and more responsible neighbors and colleagues for tomorrow’s world.

    This is no easy task. Producing successful students requires teamwork, collaboration and dedication from many individuals. Because of this, I believe strongly in the value of collaboration and communication between all our stakeholders. It has been the power of personal connections and relations between staff, students, parents and the community that has established the tradition of “Excellence in Education” in Lakeside and it will be the key to our continued success in the future.

    Thanks again for visiting our District web page and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

    Ty Bryson
    Lakeside Union School District