• Homework Policy

    The homework program will serve as an impor­tant link between home and school, keeping parents/guardians informed by reinforc­ing and extending school learning, experiences, and interests.   Homework is also a way to help your child to develop work and study habits that will assist him/her throughout the years spent in school. Home­work should encourage family involve­ment as well.

    The daily amount of time for homework will vary depend­ing upon the maturity, abilities, and indi­vidu­al needs of students as well as the re­quire­ments of the course/subject. Amounts may vary from student to student and class to class.

    Kindergarten through 3rd grades may have approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour per night, 4th and 5th grades may have approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours per night, and 6th through 8th grades may have approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours per night of homework. Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday nights.

    Purposes for homework are to:

    • Complete class-work which if not completed at school.
    • Reinforce school learning by encourag­ing stu­dents to assume the respon­sibili­ty for the neces­sary and appropriate practice for mastery and application of basic skills and con­cepts.
    • Provide students with opportunities to re­search, to investigate, to study, and to work indepen­dent­ly, utilizing home and communi­ty resourc­es.
    • Provide opportunity for students to express themselves and receive recogni­tion through various independent activi­ties (i.e., science experiments, reading for plea­sure, and special inter­est projects).
    • The parent/guardian is encouraged to accept respon­sibility for their child's success by provid­ing a suitable time and quiet place for home study, as well as encouraging the child to com­plete assign­ments.

    Parents can help:

    Parents can help their child develop some routines that will be of assistance in successfully completing homework assignments. The following suggestions are offered for this purpose.

    • Be aware of your child’s homework every day.
    • Be interested and ask him/her to share and explain the homework to you.
    • Remember that homework is the child’s work – not the parents.
    • Set a regular homework time each day.
    • Provide a quiet place to work and study.