• Physical Education Dressing Out Policies
    Lakeside 6th - 8th Grade Physical Education 
    Dressing Out Policies

    To better prepare students for High School Physical Education classes and to build a healthy state of mind for fitness and daily activities, students in grades 6th - 8th grades will be REQUIRED to dress out for P.E. classes. Parents will be required to provide or purchase acceptable attire for class.

    The following dress code rules are: 
    (all clothes must adhere to the established school dress code)


    • Plain RED short-sleeved t-shirts (Lakeside shirts are allowed in any color but NOT white)
    • Plain Black Shorts (no sagging allowed, no jeans, no dresses, etc.)
    • Plain Black Sweatpants (with drawstring)
    • Sweatshirt for cold days (can be any color or type, no heavy jackets)
    • Athletic Shoes (running or sport -No slip-ons, heeled, Uggs, boots, slippers or flip-flops - shoes must surround ankle for adequate protection)
    • Small bag to keep clothes organized
    • An Extra Set of P.E. Clothing is highly recommended


    P.E. clothes should be kept clean and in good condition (not torn and no cut-offs). They will be treated just like school books, students will have to plan ahead and bring clothes and shoes to P.E. daily. No time will be given to retrieve clothes or shoes from school lockers during class.

    Students are either completely dressed out or not. Students who choose not to dress out for P.E. or wear incorrect attire will have their grade lowered. Each quarter the non-suits will reset.

    Students must change from their school clothes to proper Physical Education clothes. Students may not wear their P.E. clothes over or under regular school clothes. Locker rooms will be locked during class to provide protection for students’ possessions.

    Green loaner shirts and shorts will be available for students to check out.

    P.E. clothes are available for purchase in the school office, or you may provide your own.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions concerning Physical Education policies, we always welcome your input. We hope this makes your child's P.E. experience more productive and enjoyable.


    Lakeside School/Physical Education Department