Discipline Plan

  • Conduct

    The Board of Trustees of the Lakeside Union School District believes that the conduct of students attending the school must estab­lish an educational climate conducive to the further­ance of educational opportunities for youth and the promo­tion of learning. To assure this aim the people of the state have empowered local boards of education to regulate student conduct.

    "The governing board of any school district shall pre­scribe rules not inconsistent with law or with rules prescribed by the State Board of Educa­tion, for the government and discipline of the schools under its juris­diction."   (E.C. 35291)

    "All pupils shall comply with the regulations, pursue the required course of study, and submit to the authority of the teachers of the schools."   (E.C. 48921)

    Students who fail to comply with these rules and regula­tions will be counseled, reprimanded, sus­pend­ed or expelled and/or arrested as the laws are ap­plied. This discipline policy applies while on school grounds and while going to or coming from school. You have the right to review the school rules regarding student discipline.

    Recognition for Good Conduct

    During each school year, eligible students will receive recog­nition for outstanding achievement shown in schol­arship, citizenship, leadership, participation in school activi­ties and sports participa­tion.

    There will be an end-of-the-year reward trip for eligible 4th - 7th grade students. Only students who meet the following criteria are eligible for the trip.

    • Received no more than five (5) Disciplinary Referrals.
    • Have not been sus­pend­ed from school for one (1) day.
    • Have not been assigned to more than three (3) Bulldog Day Homework Academies.
    • Received less than four (4) bus referrals.      

    Bulldog Day is a reward for students who follow the rules and make their best effort in class.   For kindergarten through 5th grade students there will be a Bulldog Day celebration scheduled each month. Students in 6th – 8th grades will have quarterly Bulldog Days. Following are criteria for Bulldog Day eligibility:

    • Students may have no more than two (2) verbal warnings (Step 1 entries) on their Discipline Card for the month/quarter.
    • Students who receive a Disciplinary Referral or have been suspended during that month/quarter will not be eligible to participate.
    • Students who miss six (6) or more assignments per class between Bulldog Days will be assigned to a Homework Academy. Each year, the faculty will choose outstanding eighth grade students. These awards will be presented at graduation.

    Progressive Discipline Plan

    The staff at Lakeside School believes that every student should have the opportunity to learn skills and values that are necessary for personal development and social order in a free society. In order to achieve this goal it is necessary for students to behave in a safe orderly way for an effective learning environment. 

    Every student has the right to learn and be safe, and no one has the right to interrupt learning or make others feel unsafe.

    Outlined below is Lakeside School’s Progressive Discipline Plan that stipulates behaviors that will not be allowed at school. Also outlined are the possible consequences of engaging is such behaviors. Each student will have a Student Discipline Card in which teachers will record each disciplinary incident. Staff members will utilize their classroom management system and give verbal warnings prior to progressing through the Consequences.

    Please read and discuss these with your children. With your assistance, the school will strive to provide the best possible learning environment for all children.

    Examples of Behavior

    Menu of Possible Consequences

    Type A Behaviors

    Step 1

    Violation of classroom rules


    Unauthorized food, gum, etc

    Verbal Warning


    Refocus Sheet

    In unauthorized area or no hall pass

    Discussion with student

    Disrespect to fellow students

    Behavior is recorded on student’s discipline card

    Inappropriate items (CD player, toys, cards, etc.)

    • 2 entries per quarter = teacher calls parent

    Failure to line up when bell rings


    Failure to keep hands & feet to self


    Dress Code violation


    Type B Behaviors

    Step 2

    Repeated violations of Type A Behaviors


    Lying, cheating


    Getting into someone else’s locker

    Behavior is recorded on student’s discipline card

    Frequent tardies

    Disciplinary Referral and detention

    Chronic disruption of class

    Parent contact by telephone from teacher

    Throwing food in cafeteria

    Possible restriction of privileges

    Display of gang writings, symbols, etc.

    Possible suspension if necessary

    Unacceptable language


    Continually unprepared for class


    Rough Play (wrestling, etc.)


    Excessive physical contact (hugging, kissing, etc.)


    Failure to serve detention


    Type C Behaviors

    Step 3

    Repeated violations of Type B Behaviors


    Cause or threaten to cause bodily injury to another (fighting)

    Behavior is recorded on student’s discipline card

    Possession of a dangerous item (explosive, lighter, etc.)

    One to five day suspension

    Possession of tobacco or smoking

    Parent Conference required

    Damage to school or private property

    Parent Notification by Administrator

    Profanity, obscene language or gestures toward student or staff

    Restriction from privileges

    Disrespect/impertinence/defiance to authority

    Possible Disciplinary Referral


    Possible Behavior Contract

    Lewd, indecent, offensive conduct/sexual harassment

    Possible Community School Referral

    Stealing/Possession of stolen property


    Type D Behaviors

    Step 4

    Repeated violations of Type C Behaviors

    Behavior is recorded on student’s discipline card

    Possession/furnish of any controlled substance or alcohol

    Parent Notification by Administrator

    Under the influence of a controlled substance

    One to five day suspension

    Possession/furnish a weapon (knife, firearm replica, etc.)

    Possible expulsion

    Brandishing a weapon/knife at another person

    Referral to Law enforcement


    Restriction of activities/privileges

    Chronic defiance not modified by previous progressive discipline

    Community School Referral

    Assault/battery upon any school employee


    Grounds for Suspension or Expulsion

    A pupil may not be suspended from school or recommended for expulsion, unless the superintendent or the principal of the school in which the pupil is enrolled determines that the pupil has committed an act as defined pursuant to any of Education Code 48900 subdivisions.

    (a)    Fighting/Assault

    In most cases of fighting, there will be an immediate suspension of all parties.   Occasionally, a student may not be suspended or receive fewer days of suspension than other parties, if evidence clearly indicates he/she was not the aggressor and in fact was under an unprovoked attack and was acting strictly in self-defense. Self-defense means the student tries everything in his/her power to evade the attack, but cannot and must use force for self-protection.   If the fight is a second offense for any of the individuals, a two to five day suspension may be in order. A third fighting incident may result in the transfer of the student to a continuation school.