• Sports Equity in Education Act

    Teams will be provided with a bus that leaves Lakeside at 4:45 pm. All Silvercreek students will be dropped off at Suburu School at approximately 5:00 pm. Old River Road students will have a minimum number of stops available. A map and schedule is provided on the student's athletic permission slip.

    The bus referral policy is in force on our buses at all times. After-school transportation will NOT be provided to a student that has been denied bus riding privileges.

    Parents are responsible for providing or arranging transportation to and from games. A note must be received by the office in the morning for arrangements to ride with anyone ohter than the student's parent. For 4:00 pm away games students will be dismissed from class at 2:45 -- please do not ask for your student earlier.

    Eligibility Policy

    A student must maintain a 2.0 grade point average on all graded subjects, with no more than one "F". The grade point average used to determine eligibility is based on grades of previous quarter report card. Progress reports are not the official grades. A student that is suspended from school will be ineligible for all recreation programs according to the following timeline:

    • First suspension, ineligible for two weeks.
    • Second suspension, ineligible for one month.
    • Third suspension, ineligible for the rest of the year.

    Students must have a parent permission slip and Athletic Contract signed and returned to the teacher/coach.

    Students must have a uniform policy slip signed and returned to the teacher/coach before a uniform can be assigned. Non-returned or damaged uniforms will result in ineligibility in future programs and the withholding of the student's report card.

    Any student who demonstrates poor attitude, unsportsmanlike behavior, transportation problems, or unexcused absences during games/practices may be dropped from the team/activity at the discretion of the teacher/coach, Athletic Director, or Principal.