Until Further Notice, ALL Music Performance events have been suspended by the Lakeside Union School District.

    With the ongoing concerns of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the Music department will be postponing all of our events at the district.

    These concerns do affect our community for performances, gatherings, and Athletic events.

    The CMEA Middle School Festival (Canceled) and PPAACC Drumline Finals (postponed until further notice) have also been affected. 


    For More information please refer to the statement provided in the link below:













     Hello and welcome back to a new venture into the Lakeside Music Program! I am excited to work with each and every student as we explore the performance of Music in my classroom. Music is an elective course that focuses on the performance of Music instruments for Grades 5th-8th and prepares students for high school readiness. We strive for honoring traditions at Lakeside with annual perfromances such as our Winter and Spring concerts, Performances at the Independence High school Football games, the Califormia Music Educators Association Ratings Festival for Kern County, and Many other opportunities to apply our skills of music in various performances throughout the year. 

     Remind Signup for Band:  Please refer to the Band handbooks for enrolling into the Remind app.

    Please take the time to browse the Band links/files for resources of information on the Program and  helpful links on Music performance!

     5th Grade Band Handbook

    Middle School Band Handbook

    Band Grading Rubric

    Band Practice slips

    2019-20 Band Event Calendar 













    This year's Band shirt design voted by 8th grade students

    2019 Band T-shirt design



    • 8th period Concert Band

    2:35-3:24pm (regular bell schedule)

    Zero Period Rehearsals: 8-9AM (see Band Calendar for rehearsal group schedule)

    Rules of the Class:

    1. Follow Directions.
    2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
    3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
    4. Make SMART decisions.
    5. Keep your teacher happy!!!

    Discipline Policy on behavior

    First consequence: Verbal Warning

    Second consequence: conference with student after class (parent phone call possible)

    Third consequence: Parent phone call home, student works on a reflection paper.

    After 3 reflections, a referral may be submitted to administrator and parent phonecall.

    Positive consequences may include: Bulldog buck rewards, positive contact home, special permissions for band students.




      •  90 minutes of home practice per week. (students turn in signed practice slips provided by Mr. Willis)


    • Weekly points earned: Participation: 25 Homework/Practice: 25  Concerts: 100



    • ATTENTION= Due to several performers in previous years not attending concerts in proper attire, no student will be allowed to perform wearing incorrect concert dress and your grade will be affected as a missed performance. If you are having financial difficulties then please contact Mr. Willis in writing at least TWO weeks prior to a performance to address the issue and make arrangements.


    Grade and assignment Breakdown

             100%-93% = A                                   76%-73% = C 

             92%-90% = A-                                    72%-79% = C-

             89%-87% = B+                                   69%-67% = D+

             86%-83% = B                                     66%-63% = D

             82%-80% = B-                                    62%-60% = D-

             79%-77% = C+                                   59% -0% = F


    Homework: 33%

    Weekly Practice records :33%

    Performance assessments in class on music: 33% 

    Concert performances: Mandatory concerts affect final grade at end of quarter/semester (non mandatory perfromances do not alter grade significantly.)

    Extra credit opportunity: Submitting a practice record with 120 minutes or higher. 10 additional minutes is 1 point extra credit at 120, 130 = 2 points etc.

    Late work accepted up to one week after original deadline.  Final grade for assignment no higher than C if late. Missed concerts are unable to be made up.