• Science Weekly Assignments:

    Monday, 8/19- Friday, 8/23

    Check Aeries Parent Grading Portal for current grades. 

    • All HW assignments are due the next day unless specified.

    • All late work is due 1 week after it is assigned.  All late work will only be worth half credit in the grade book.  After 1 week, the assignment is no longer available for half credit. The assignment will remain a zero in the gradebook for the remainder of the quarter.
    • All classwork and HW needs to be completed to the student's very best effort by the due date given.


    • All assignments need to have a student's first and last name visible on all papers. All no-name papers will be placed in the trashcan.


    Science Weekly Assignments:

    Monday, 8/19 - Friday, 8/23


    1st Quarter Science Project: None

    Due Date: None


    Google Classroom Codes:

                                                                                       3rd Period: Cf4jc7

                                            5th period: Wjf5xe

                                            7th period: 3cwedg



     Current Chapter of Study: 
           Introduction to Science         

    Get class reminders about HW assignments and project due dates:

            Remind App Code:  Text: 81010
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    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: Describe 3 things you hope to learn about in Earth science this year. Teams completed a textbook scavenger hunt. Prizes to first place team. Students continued working on circles activity. Due tomorrow. Fully colored. Cut out.


    • HW: Finish circles activity. Due Tuesday. 


    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: What kind of Earth scientist would you like to be and why? Students began a Science Star activity by writing the rough draft to 5 questions. Each student traced and cut out their star. Decorated stars with a student picture attached due Thursday.


    • HW: Work on Star activity. Due Thursday. 


    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: What do allliving things on Earth need inorder to stay alive? Students read pages CA13-CA15 whole group as an introduction to them main vocabulary words form our science book.Students continued working on Science Star from yesterday. Each student traced and cut out their star. Decorated stars with a student picture attached due Thursday.


    • HW: Finish Star activity. Due Thursday.


    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: Explain some positives changes you could make to the environment to make Earth healthy? Students re-read pages CA13-CA15 in teams as a review to the main vocabulary words form our science book. Students picked 3 words from the vocab list and began working on their 1st Cornell Notes for the words solo. Tomorrow,they will teach some of their findings to their group mates. 


    • HW: None


    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: Explain 3 ways you can practice conservation at your house? Students taught each other vocabulary definitions rom their Cornell Notes. Afterwards, students practiced words in Quizlet via Google Classroom.


    • HW: None