• Science Weekly Assignments:

    Monday, 1/14- Friday, 1/18

    Check Aeries Parent Grading Portal for current grades. 

    • All HW assignments are due the next day unless specified.

    • All late work is due 1 week after it is assigned.  All late work will only be worth half credit in the grade book.  After 1 week, the assignment is no longer available for half credit. The assignment will remain a zero in the gradebook for the remainder of the quarter.
    • All classwork and HW needs to be completed to the student's very best effort by the due date given.


    • All assignments need to have a student's first and last name visible on all papers. All no-name papers will be placed in the trashcan.


    Science Weekly Assignments:

    Monday, 1/14 - Friday, 1/18


    3rd Quarter Science Project: TBA

    Due Date: TBA


    Google Classroom Codes:

                                                                                       5th Period: ir0xty

                                            6th period: s76uu8d

                                            7th period: 5kz31e3



     Current Chapter of Study: 
           Chapter 7.2           

    Get class reminders about HW assignments and project due dates:

            Remind App Code:  Text: 81010
                                                                            Message: @9b36h


    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: Create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast slumps and creeps: Types of mass wasting.  Students finished Ch. 7.1 workbook with teams and textbooks. Afterwards, we played Quizlet Live in preparation for tomorrow's summative typed test: Ch. 7.1


    • HW: None


    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: None.  Students played Quizlet Live in preparation for today's summative typed test: Ch. 7.1. Cornell Notes were used for summative.


    • HW: None


    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: How did yesterday's rain and wind create erosion around Lakeside School yesterday.  Explain with evidence.  Students began working on Ch. 7.2 Cornell Notes with team and textbooks.


    • HW: None


    • Today's classwork:  Writing Prompt: What is a drainage basin, and how does it guide flow of water on land?  Students finished working on Ch. 7.2 Cornell Notes with their partner from yesterday and textbooks; Afterwards, they discussed vocab facts with their table mates. Students began reading Ch. 7.2 whole group. We annotated Cornell Notes as we read the section.


    • HW: None