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Health Advisory from KCSOS


Kern County Superintendent of Schools

Advocates for Children


SUBJECT:     Health Advisory Regarding Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

The California Department of Public Health has shared a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Health Advisory regarding Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) among people with recent travel to Tecate, Mexico, and other areas in northern Mexico.  According to the CDC, RMSF is a severe, rapidly progressive, and often deadly disease transmitted by the bite of infected ticks (though many patients do not recall being bitten by a tick).  The CDC says that, without early administration of doxycycline, RMSF can be fatal within days.  Given that many of our districts in Kern County have families that may travel to northern Mexico over the winter break, we wanted to make sure that all districts have access to the CDC Health Advisory on RMSF.  Take care and stay safe this holiday season.